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PA8 8 Channel Power Amplifier $0.00
Lectrosonics  LEC-PA8
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PA8 8 Channel Power Amplifier
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Product Details
The PA8 8 Channel Power Amplifier is a unique single rack-space solution for zoned, distributed loudspeaker systems with eight separate power amplfiers, each with an output power capability of 10W (4 Ohms) or 6W (8 Ohms.)

The PA8 is passively cooled, and features full shortcircuit and thermal overload protection. The amplifier outputs are muted at turn-on and turn-off to eliminate transients.

The PA8 uses a straightforward, low parts count design for long term reliability. The heart of the power supply is a low radiation toroidal transformer. The toroidal transformer generates less heat than a comparable non-toroidal type, and emits considerably less 60Hz energy. This is particularly important when the PA8 is used in close proximity to microphone preamplifiers. The input to the PA8 is fully balanced and RF filtered. The level control feeds a monolithic power amplifier. Each power amplifier is internally power limited to protect itself from short circuits, excessively low impedances, or highly reactive loads. Thermal limiting is also integrated into the power amplifier, with an intelligent shutdown mode that minimizes thermal shock to the device under extreme operation. Any two channels may be used in the bridged mode for higher power (20W/8 Ohms or 12W/16 Ohms).

Product Specifications
  • 8 separate amplifier channels
  • 10 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms in non-bridged mode, 20 Watts per channel bridged into 8 Ohms
  • Passively cooled
  • Full short circuit and thermal overload protection
  • No turn-on “thump”

  • Product Weight
    8 lbs, 9 ozs

    Product Dimensions
    19” wide x 1 3/4” high x 8 1/4” deep
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