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8X Coded Audio Processor $4,995.00
Omnia  TEL-200100206
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8X Coded Audio Processor
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Product Details
Once again, Omnia innovates with Omnia 8x.While others continue to play catchup, Omnia moves forward with a unique approach to processing, where multiple instances are required. HD Radio multicasts, streaming Internet audio, network delivery systems cluster installations -there are more audio channels generated in today’s radio facility than ever before.All of them need audio processing to maintain the high quality of your audio in bit-reduced environments.

Omnia 8x dramatically improves the sound of your streams with the power, punch and purity of Omnia audio processing. But Omnia 8x doesn’t process just one audio stream- instead you’ll find the power of eight discrete three-band stereo Omnia audio processors in a single, networked box.

We started with algorithms modeled after those used in our popular Omnia-3, then refined them even further. Omnia 8x’s unique processing architecture is designed to work ahead of any bit reduced audio coder to reduce artifacts and improve the sound of audio destined for HD Radio, Internet and satellite broadcasting.

Omnia 8x conditions and enhances your audio to make sure your coded audio sounds as good to your listeners as it does in your studio.

In addition to coded audio applications, the power of Omnia 8x can also benefit other areas of the radio facility. Use it to process headphone feeds where off-air monitoring is not possible; as multi-band level control for remote codecs or on-air telephone systems; to process and send multiple audio streams from a single audio complex to multiple transmitter sites; or on-demand for in-studio musical performances or commercial production applications.

Omnia 8x makes life even easier when it comes to audio connections. Omnia 8x uses LivewireTM standard for professional networked audio over Ethernet, so you can connect directly to your Axia IP-Audio Network-a single CAT-6 cable is all that’s needed for 8 channels of stereo I/O, plus remote control. If you don’t have an Axia network, that’s no problem; just pair Omnia 8x with an Axia AES/EBU or Analog Node for use as a standalone, high-density audio processor.

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