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CycLight Portable Green Screen Light $1,299.00
Prompter People  PRO-CYCLIGHT
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CycLight Portable Green Screen Light
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Product Details
****WINNER: BEST OF SHOW 2014 NAB****FloLight proudly introduces the world's first single fixture, LED light for greenscreen shooting: The CycLight. Imagine, the ease and simplicity of shooting greenscreen with only one light! With the CycLight, you can finally say good bye to tweaking and fumbling with multiple lights. FloLight's patented "Light Wave" technology limits the amount of light close to the floor and progressively increases the light for a perfectly lit greenscreen every time. Just position the Cyclight 2-3 feet from your wall or green screen, plug it in and turn it on. Built in dimmer and adjustable angle let you quickly set up your green screen lighting. 3 high power 40W Green LED’s power 3 proprietary double LightWave lens to evenly light a green screen, pop-up or wall. Because the light is green it saturates the green screen compared to using white light to light a green screen. The fixture has a universal 110-270V power supply and 3 silent fans. 3 ¼-20 taps on the bottom of the unit allow for overhead mounting. A carrying handle and cover for the lenses are included.

Additional Product Photos
CycLight Portable Green Screen Light CycLight Portable Green Screen Light CycLight Portable Green Screen Light
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