BDI SWP-200 RF Switch Controller with DPS-100D Power Monitor

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BDI SWP-200 RF Switch Controller with DPS-100D Power Monitor is suitable for digital and analog forward- and reflected-power measurements. The SWP-200 provides complete control of one to up to four RF switches. The SWP-200 can be interfaced to most four port switches and optionally can be provided with interface cables for most four port switches made. The SWP-200 provides one-button control of four port switches, manages interlock closures and transmitter control in a single rack unit chassis. Optional features include RF failure and RF safety sensing to protect a switch from damage if RF is present and a switch command is called for. The SWP-200 can operate in hands-off, pre-programmed mode, or in manually controlled mode. The SWP-200 also can be used in AM radio applications to control multiple open frame contactors. This is a versatile RF support product that provides around-the-clock peace of mind!

Models Available

BDI Model # SWP-200 Switch Controller & Couplers Included SENSOR TYPE SUPPLIED
SWP-200-1R1- 7/8 RF+CTL 1-SWITCH +  7/8 COUPLER 1-DPS-100D
SWP-200-1R1-7/16  RF+ CTL 1-SWITCH + 7/16 DIN COUPLER 1-DPS-100D
SWP-200-1R1-1 5/8 RF+CTL 1-SWITCH +  1-5/8 COUPLER 1-DPS-100D
SWP-200-1R1-3 1/8 RF+CTL 1-SWITCH +  3-1/8 COUPLER 1-DPS-100D
SWP-200-1R2-7/8 RF+CTL 1-SWITCH + 2 - 7/8 COUPLERS 2-DPS-100D
SWP-200-1R2-7/16 RF+CTL 1-SWITCH + 2 - 7 /16 DIN COUPLERS 2-DPS-100D
SWP-200-1R2-1-5/8 RF+CTL 1-SWITCH + 2 - 1-5/8" COUPLERS 2-DPS-100D
SWP-200-1R2-3-1/8 RF+CTL 1-SWITCH + 2 -  3-1/8" COUPLERS 2-DPS-100D


4 1/16", 6 1/8" Models Available, Please contact us.



DSP-100D Power Monitor

  • Electrical Specifications: Frequency Range: Sensor: 0.5 MHz—4GHz—Model Dependent
  • Through Line VSWR: 1.05:1 or better Coupled Port
  • Directivity: 30 dB or better
  • Impedance: 50 ohms through port
  • Measurement Type: True RMS – Suitable for CW, multi carrier and high crest factor digital RF signals such as AM/FM, 8 VSB (ATSC 1.0/3.0 ), DVB-T, ISDB-T,DTMB, IDRM, IBOC (in band on channel Ibiquity standard). DAB, etc.
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% of indicated reading maximum error within instrument dynamic range.
  • Dynamic Range: 40db or better Linear dynamic Range.
  • Power Measurement Range 0 – 2.5 Mega watt Model and Coupler Line Size Dependent
  • Measurement Capabilities: Forward and Reflected RF Power, Transmission line temperature (Deg F / Deg C user selectable) 1 each – External Temperature and line pressure sensors. 6 – User configurable closure inputs. (typically patch panels, lock-out/tag-out) Integrated Digital Display: 2 Line x 16 character LCD display of Fwd/Ref RF Power, Temperature (x2), Line Pressure Dedicated Icons for VSWR fault, Alert Status, Communications Status, RF Power High/Low thresholds, DC power input status and LAN connection status.
  • Communications Interfaces: Ethernet, RS-485, Network Protocols: SNMP, SMTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SNTP, 2 – Configurable VDC proportional power outputs, 2 – Form C configurable interlock/status relays/On/off 2 – Configurable External GP inputs for fault reset 12 Position Termi nal Block: 6 – Configurable General Purpose Inputs for lock out tag out, patch panel, external interlock strings, etc. Ext. Temperature Sensor Input3 – Position terminal block mates with BDI TMP-100 T
  • Physical Specifications:
    Sizes: N, DIN, 7/8” 1-5/8”, 3-1/8” EIA, 4-1/16” Myat standard, 4-1/16” Dielectric standard, 6-1/8”, 9” and 12” special order. Flanged – One fixed, one swivel
  • Environmental Specifications:
    Operating Temperature: ‐25°C to +55°C
    Storage Temperature: ‐60°C to +85°C
    Humidity: 95% Non‐Condensing

SWP-200 Controller 

  • Modes Supported: TX1/TX2 select to Air—SWP‐200‐1T, ANT1/ANT2 select, TX1/TX2 select to Air—SWP‐200‐2T,
  • Number of Switches Supported: SWP‐200‐1T—1, SWP‐200‐2T—2
  • Switch Control Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC
  • Switch Manufactures supported: Dasto, Delta, Dielectric, DowKey, ERI, MCI, Myat, Spinner
  • TransmiƩer and Interlock Control: Both models control up to two transmiƩers providing TX ON/OFF and Interlock Management
  • TransmiƩer Interface: Form C dry contact relays
  • Remote Control interface SWP‐200‐1T: General Purpose I/O Control of Air Selected transmiter ON/OFF, Motorized Switch PosiƟon, Switch positon of second switch—SWP‐200‐2T Model, Fault Reset*
  • Additional Remote Control interface functons for SWP‐200‐2T: Antenna 1/2 Command/Status, Antenna Auto/Manual Command/Status,
  • Status Available: Motorized Switch positon, Fault Status, TX1,2 Interlock, Air TransmiƩer ON/OFF
  • AC Power Loss Monitor: Monitors for presence of AC Power loss to transmiƩer(s) to prevent switch operaƟon in auto mode if AC power is lost to transmiƩers—Logic input requires external circuitry
  • Power Measurement Range: 10 Watt to 100 KW Full Scale Indicaton*
  • Power Measurement Accuracy: +/‐5% of Reading—Dynamic Range 40 below Full Scale Indicaton*
  • Communicatons Interface: RS232/485, TCP/IP— Ethernet TCP/IP, SNMPv2 Agent and BDI Graphical User Interface CompaƟble with Windows XP, 7 , 8 ,10, Android
  • Physical Dimensions: 19” W X 10”D X 1.75” H—EIA Standard 1 Rack Unit
  • Electrical Requirements: 100‐240 VAC 50/60 Hertz @ 0.5 ampere
  • Environmental: 0‐60 degrees C, non condensing atmosphere
    * ‐ SWP‐2001/2R1‐1T/2T versions which include DPS‐100D Power Meter/Line SecƟon. Maximum Power Measurement is line size dependent. See ordering informaƟon for models available.