Bolin EX1030SHD-B-LSN2P1 Outdoor Dual Output SDI PTZ IR Laser Pro Camera

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BOLIN’s EX1030SHD-B-LSN2P1 True Dual Output SDI PTZ cameras support simultaneous 1080i59.94 3G-SDI and 1080p IP video streaming and IP remote accessibility for recording and monitoring. It provides 30X optical zoom with FHD resolutions, low latency mode, and image stabilizer for high quality image broadcast reproduction usage.

It is a robust high speed PTZ camera build with rugged IP67 environmental housing for extreme weather use application. Zero Deviation Positioning (ZDP) technology ensures this camera has high precision and accuracy in preset programming and smooth and high/slow speed movement. Upright mounting capability gives 360 degrees upper view and steady image for POV usage.

BOLIN True Dual Output PTZ cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor environment use in Broadcast, Pro AV and industrial applications to have real time uncompressed video and capability of IP video streaming and remote controlling via IP.


Image Stabilizer-EX1000-1

Sony Image Block – The Source of High Image Quality

■ Equipped with authentic Sony FHD image block.
■ 1/2.8-type Exmor R™ sensor captures up to FHD high resolution images with excellent sensitivity, very low noise, and rich natural color reproduction.
■ Industry standard imaging, lens, color, clarity, detail of image - it’s from Sony.
■ Sony’s broadcast DNA, Image parameter setting, Color Matrix, True WDR, etc.


True Dual Output – Baseband and IP Video

■ Variety of video output, 3G-SDI, IP meet the most applications from real time production to IP remote streaming.
■ Simultaneous 3G-SDI baseband video and IP streaming output for live streaming and remote manageability.
■ It’s True Dual Output that supports SDI up to 1080i or 1080p at 50/59.94/60 fps and IP video up to 1080p60. SDI video and IP video can be set up independently.


SRT Ready

Delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public Internet. SRT optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video over unstable networks.
■ High quality video image
■ Low latency
■ Secure end-to-end transmission
■ Leveraging the internet
■ Open source
For more information about SRT and SRT technical data, please visit SRT Alliance website


FHD IP Streaming – IP Remote Control and View

■ Remotely view smooth, stable streaming of video (up to 1080p60) plus audio over an IP network via web browser.
■ Support RTSP, RTMP for IP online video and live streaming.
■ Cross Browser Compatibility - HTML5 support for Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers without plugin.
■ Full function PTZ camera IP control via Visca Over IP protocol.
■ Integration with popular VMS - ONVIF (100% pass Onvif test tool result) for IP video control, record and management.


Heavy Duty - Survive Extreme Weather Condition

■  Hardened metal alloy casing
■ Upright mount, wind Load Durability: 60m/s
■ IP67 waterproof rating for protection against moisture and dust.
■ Nitrogen Filled, pressure equalization for protecting internal components and motor performance under extreme weather conditions.
■ -40°C to +60°C operating temperature.
■ Housing corrosion resistant treatment for salt spray environment use.
■ Double side special coated rain stain free glass


Control – You Have It Under Your Control

■ Various methods of control meet any circumstances of how you want to control the camera for, either from local or IP environment.
■ Serial RS422/485 and IP.
■ Protocol: VISCA, Pelco, VISCA Over IP and ONVIF IP.


EIS - Electronic Image Stabilizer

■ Built-in image stabilizer eliminates blurred, shaky image caused by low-frequency vibration.
■ This is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications when the camera is mounted on a bridge or pole or top of the building where it is subjected to wind or mechanical vibration, such as shaking from foundation, wall, wind blowing, walking, dancing floor etc.




  • SDI+IP True Dual Output Video The EX1030SHD PTZ camera provides broadcast high quality color image for broadcast and live production, video streaming and industrial monitoring and situational awareness application.
  • Brilliant Broadcast Quality of Imaging1/2.8-type Exmor R™ sensor captures up to FHD (1920 x 1080 60fps) high resolution images with excellent sensitivity, very low noise, and rich natural color reproduction.
  • Full Resolution ImageSDI video resolution supports up to 1080p60, 1080i59.94; IP video resolution supports up to 1080P60.
  • Professional Image Parameter SettingWide range of image parameter settings for versatile outdoor scenes: color enhancement, 2D/3D noise reduction, 120dB true WDR, De-fog, HLC(High Light Compensation), Day/Night mode, character/logo image overlay in OSD, etc.
  • Low Latency ModeOn top of baseband 3G-SDI video for live event production, Low Latency Mode sets 3G-SDI real time video feeds with extremely low delay.
  • Powerful 30x Optical ZoomThe 30x optical zoom with 12x digital zoom for frame-filling clear close-ups. Responsive autofocus ensures that images stay clear and sharp, even at high zoom settings.
  • IR Laser IlluminationInvisible long range IR Laser Illuminator lightens up 1500ft at night. Angle of illumination view is adaptive with zoom range.
  • ZDP - Zero Deviation PositioningZDP - Zero Deviation Positioning technology ensures high precision and accuracy when using PTZ preset programming by minimizing deviation of presets and patrol positions over time
  • Quiet and Precise MovementVariable speed and smooth, quiet, precise movement. Zoom adaptive variable slow speed controls
  • Picture Profile PresetImage parameter setting restored with the presets for quick access operation.
  • 360 Degree with Greater Upper/Lower View Horizontal 360° continuous rotation. Extra vertical 30° tilt angle gives greater view(120°) of upper area. Limit position setting.
  • Always up to dateFirmware upgrade via IP interface provides capability of constantly improving the camera features and performances, even for customized function upgrades.
  • Power 24VAC, 24VDC, PoE (IEEE802.3bt)
  • SDI Output Only version is available*SDI Output Only version does not have IP functionality. Special order only.
  • S Class simple version is available**Compare to standard version B class camera, S class does not have i (Interlace) format video output, doesn't have Visca control protocol. All other specification is same as B class camera. Special order only.




Order Information

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Item Number SKU Key Spec Note
E105E001 EX1030SHD-B-LSN2P1 B Class, Full HD, 3G-SDI, IP, Optical 30X Camera Body
E105E002 EX1030SHD-S-LSN2P1** S Class, Full HD, 3G-SDI, IP, Optical 30X Camera Body, Special Order Only
E103E001 EX1030SHD-B-L5SA1* B Class, Full HD, 3G-SDI, Optical 30X Camera Body, Special Order Only
L9060001 BL-P24-5 24VAC 5A, Power Supply Adapter Accessory, Optional
L3030010 B-DR10 Din-Rail Mount For PoE Box Accessory, Optional
L3030015 BL-M-PMA Pole Mounting Adapter Accessory, Optional
L3030016 BL-M-CMA Corner Mounting Adapter Accessory, Optional
E2020001 EX1000-WM EX1000 Wall Mount Bracket Accessory, Optional
E2020002 BL-EX-CMS EX1000 Ceiling/Pendant Mount Set Accessory, Optional
E2020003 EX1000-MB EX1000 Mounting Base Accessory, Optional
B102E001 BL-PP97 High Power 97W PoE Injector Accessory, Optional
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