Sound Shark SS1 Long-Range Dish for Lavalier Mics

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  • The Sound Shark provides a great alternative to shotgun microphones using any omni-directional lapel mic you have available (not included).
  • The Sound Shark can capture audio from 30 feet, or more, compared to 3 to 5 feet for a typical shotgun mic.
  • Record a speaker from up to 6 feet as if they were wearing a lapel mic.
  • Reject more peripheral sound than a shotgun microphone, and record outdoors with much less wind noise.
  • A high quality omni-directional lapel mic must be installed inside the Sound Shark to provide an audio signal.
  • The Sound Shark is provided with a flash shoe adapter so it can be mounted directly to your camera. You can also remove the adapter and mount the Sound Shark to any device, such as a tripod or light stand, with a 1/4-20 threaded stud.
  • Nylon screws at the mounting joint protect your hot shoe from damage if unit is dropped or hit by something.
  • Because of the feedback caused by it's high sensitivity, it is not recommended for sound reinforcement / PA applications.
  • Manufactured by Sound Shark Audio, a Division of Klover Products, Inc.