Yellowtec YT4210 PUC2 w/AES3 & Analog Line I/O

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YT4210 PUC2 w/AES3 & Analog Line I/O

The Yellowtec PUC2 is a high definition USB audio interface with breakthrough horsepower, unmateched operating reliability, plug-n-play installation, AES-3 and balanced analog audio quality with up to 192kHz @ 24 bit with a sensational dynamic range of 105db.

Unmatched compatibility

PUC2 is compatible with MAC and PC. It interconnects with digital audio on AES3 (XLR) or with balanced analogue audio (XLR). Analog audio can be set to various standard operating levels up to 18 dBu equivalent to full scale. For extended applications and functionality we offer our specific ASIO driver for download which is available free of charge.

Easy setup

Just connect PUC2 to the USB port of your PC or Mac and watch the automatic installation. You will only be a few seconds away from enjoying the new performance standard of USB audio. Right away with no installation of drivers. Since it is powered over USB you will not even need a seperate power supply.

Amazing modular design

A sleek all aluminium design, two sourounding non-slip rubber stands, an exchangeable audio panel, a space-saving built in power supply - PUC2 is pretty incredible. The unique modularity is prepared to hold other audio adaptors or even bespoke interface panels. For wiring compatibility with PUC Classic we offer a D-type connector panel which offers replacement without any need for re-wiring.

Rugged metall jacket

A stunning aluminium fit and finish ads to the high durability of PUC2's design. Another good idea are the rubber trims at both ends: Wherever necessary you can either place PUC2 horizontally or vertically.

Power without the hassle

Actually, PUC's power comes over USB. So theres no bulky brick, and there are fewer cables to connect. Which means PUC2 takes up even less space than others.

The ultimate performance standard for USB audio

PUC2 is a real exciting USB audio interface. It delivers the highest available audio standards with up to 192 KHz @ 24 bit. With a sensationel dynamic range of 105 dB. It combines easy and failsafe installation with a new modular design. Broadcasters deserve uncomplicated kit.

ZLM - a nice extra for proper input monitoring

The Zero Latency Monitoring is a unique feature that allows you to monitor your recording signal without delay. You have the choice to toggle between listen to the input or to the return path arriving over USB. For further monitoring convenience you will find an AUX output on a small jack which is capable to drive a headphone. Nice feature in the field where you may wish to go for a quick check.