CircuitWerkes SX-8 Expander Chassis for Sicon 8

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Remote Control
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SX8- 8 expander chassis for the Sicon-8. The Sicon-8 is a modestly-priced, but full-featured dial-up remote control with speech capability. Based on voice recording technology, the Sicon-8 can speak in your staff's language because you record your own messages.

  • Adds 8 Channels of metering, status and relay conrol to an existing Sicon-8.
  • Up to three SX-8 chassis may be added to a Sicon-8 for a total of 32 channels.
  • Sx-8s are automatically detected at power up & added to the Webserver/Software.
  • SX-8 chassis order may be changed by jumper selection.