Davicom Cortex 320 Intelligent Remote Site Control Packages

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Davicom Cortex 320 Intelligent Remote Site Control Packages

Davicom’s new generation of intelligent site management systems is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the broadcast and wireless telecommunications industries. These best-in-class, stand-alone monitoring and control units interface easily with virtually any type of remote site equipment and sensors, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility and expandability.

Cortex units can make decisions based on Virtual Logic Gates, automating the control of equipment at the remote site. Based on the readings from the sensors it is connected to, the Cortex series units can control a broad range of equipment.

Manage your site through a standard dial-up modem connection, by DTMF/voice response or through a network connection. Get situational awareness on any device with the web-based interface or let the Cortex tell you what’s potentially wrong at your site.

Cortex units can listen to your site audio and warn you of potential silence, or even relay live audio back to you via telephone or IP streaming. It is also capable of keeping track of all conditions and events that happen at your site.

Convenient Davicom Packages. Includes all recommended Accessories and Power Supply Units to get you up and running quickly.

  • With Dial-Up Modem: CORTEX-320-1/P
  • Without Dial-Up Modem: CORTEX-320-2/P

Both packages include:

  • Cortex-320: Remote Control Expandable RTU, 1 RU height, half-width incl.: 12 versatile Metering/Status inputs, 4 dedicated Status inputs, 6 Relays , internal dialup modem (available on CORTEX-320-1/P package Only) , 1 Ethernet Port, 2 USB Ports, SNMP Agent (NO Manager). Modbus master for up to 8 slaves. Requires 12VDC. Direct-connect I/O Block for Cortex-320 In-Line 12 VDC Power Supply 
  • DVIOK-2: Cortex-360 I/O kit including interconnecting cables (2 meters) with I/O terminal block.
  • THS-0080: Temperature and Humidity Sensor, 0-80°C, 0-100%RH
  • ILPS5012N: In-Line 12 VDC Power Supply (with Neutrik female XLR4 end connector) for DV products


The Cortex series’ web-based workspaces are completely customizable by the user. In addition, each user can have different workspaces for multiple devices (smartphone, tablet or PC). These workspaces have the advantage of being stored directly on the Cortex unit itself, thereby ensuring a uniform look when being accessed by different users. For low-bandwidth communication links, workspaces may also be stored on, and accessed from, your personal computer by using our DavLink software.

Thanks to its flexible input circuits, the Cortex can connect to almost any type of analog sensor. Sensors with various voltage outputs (0-1, 5, 10 …80V), current outputs (4-20mA), be they bipolar or differential can all be connected.

Audio or AC signals can be connected and levels measured thanks to built-in RMS detection circuits.

Digital inputs are also available for reading logic levels, relay contacts or statuses, with programmable active high or active low settings.

With its relay outputs, the Cortex can command and control other equipment. From remotely switching to a backup transmitter to turning on the generator when a power outage occurs, the Cortex can take smart decisions to keep your site transmitting.

Cortex systems also provide automation with decision-making features and commands that go well beyond conventional telemetry systems. Units can for example detect an RF failure; place the standby transmitter on-air to restore the signal, and alert on-call personnel. Engineering staff can then diagnose the problem from the event history log and, using remote measurements, decide on the appropriate course of action.

With their SNMP Agents and built-in SNMP Managers, Davicom’s Cortex units are powerful SNMP appliances.

The Agent can convert analog readings or contact closures from legacy equipment into SNMP-compatible OID’s that can be sent to, or read by an external SNMP Manager software.

The Cortex’s Manager can take readings, make settings and receive alarms from other, on-site SNMP-compatible devices. Depending on the situation, it can then take action locally, or even concentrate the information from all the devices and pass it along to a remote SNMP Manager at the Networks Operations Center (NOC).