Intraplex IP Link 100n, Single Bidirectional Stereo IP STL Codec

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Intraplex IP Link 100n, Single Bidirection Stereo IP STL Codec

A member of the award-winning Intraplex® IP Link audio codec family, the IP Link 100n is a powerful 1 rack unit AoIP model, designed to provide state-of-the art capabilities for remote contribution, studio-to-transmitter, and studio-to-studio applications at an affordable price.

With a full-duplex AES3, Analog, AES67 input and output along with 3 GigE network ports, the IP Link 100n packs full-featured IP audio codec capabilities into one standard rack unit. Interoperable with other IP Link codecs and Ascent, it is also compatible with industry-standard AoIP formats, including support of FM-MPX signal transport. With the support of payload privacy using built-in 128/256 key encryption via Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), the IP Link 100n is extremely secure and flexible. Stream splicing and automatic multi-source audio switching, including USB playlist as backup, further ensures reliability with constant and successful signal transport for your station.


  •  Full-duplex, single stereo channel with selectable AES3, Analog and AES67 input and output
  •  AoIP formats include Linear, Compressed, AES67, and Icecast
  •  Standard audio coding: Linear; Opus
  •  Optional audio coding: AAC-LC; AAC-HE; AAC- HEv2; AAC-ELD; AES192; MPEG2; MPEG3; Icecast; Shoutcast
  •  Protocol Encapsulation: RTP; Icecast (requires optional audio coding pack); SRT
  •  Three independent IP interfaces for redundant network operation
  •  Built-in silence detection
  •  Automatic backup to audio playout from USB drive
  •  Multicoding allows the input Line signal to be sent to multiple destinations with different encoding formats and protocols
  •  Prioritized stream sources at the decoder with automatic switch over and switch back between primary, secondary, and backup sources
  •  Programmable RTP-level Forward Error Correction (FEC) scheme
  •  Integrated with Intraplex LiveLook (network analytics and monitoring software)
  •  Support for IP multicast and multi-unicast
  •  Web browser user interface and SNMP network management

In Depth

The IP Link 100n is a full-duplex, single stereo-channel codec for simultaneous reception and transmission of AoIP streams. The codec is designed to be compatible with the IP Link codec family and Ascent, including the IP Link MPXp codec for FM-MPX signal transport.The IP Link 100n is designed to provide an unprecedented level of full-featured reliability in an affordable form factor.At the streaming layer, the combination of SRT and Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS) provides a set of networking tools for signal reliability even over challenging IP connections. The SRT transport protocol can simultaneously re-transmit lost packets in real-time while encrypting the full payload.

When using the traditional RTP transport format, the packet loss protection is provided using Forward Error Correction (FEC) and time diversity of packets. The optional Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS) provides “hitless” protection against packet or link losses using diverse network paths for both SRT and RTP transport formats.

With full-duplex capability, the codec enables simultaneous operation of multiple transmit streams and receive streams for reliability. Using Multicoding capability, the transmit streams can be sent to multiple destinations with different formats and encoding. For instance, feeding multiple transmitter sites with different network bandwidths or feeding an Icecast server simultaneously, while sending an RTP or SRT streams to remote studio or transmitter locations.

In addition to the various built-in “hitless” packet loss protection techniques (e.g. FEC, re-transmission and DSS), the decoder also provides for three prioritized sources for switching. The source switching protects against failure of either an encoder or the main network connection. The codec lets the user define Primary, Secondary and Backup sources of streams or local USB audio.


  • Channels: One full-duplex stereo (or two mono) program audio channel or one MPX channel, encode and decode
  • Front Display: Graphical front-panel user interface: 3.2 inch display; 256 x 64 pixel, white monochrome OLED; six-button keypad; VU meters
  • Audio Coding: Standard: Linear Uncompressed, Opus, AES67
  • FM MPX via AES192 (BB192): FM MPX via AES192 (BB192): Support for transport of FM MPX via AES192 (BB192) composite signal. Sampling rates and sample size compatible with IP Link MPXp
  • Streaming Format: RTP (EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326), SRT, Icecast (requires optional audio coding algorithms)
  • Webcasting: Can receive and transmit Icecast streams (requires optional audio coding algorithms)
  • Backup: Configurable for automatic backup to secondary incoming audio stream, Playout of audio from USB drive
  • Aux Data Channel: RS-232 data transport programmable to 2400, 4800 & 9600, and 19200 bps with time-alignment to audio streaming
  • Contact Closures: Four input and four output opto-isolated contact closures, with time-alignment to audio streaming. Contact inputs can transport state to peer within the stream packet.
     Contact outputs can receive state from peer or be linked to system alarms
  • Connectors: ■ XLR for analog L&R and digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs ■ Ethernet: Three 10/100/1000 Base-T, RJ-45. ■ RS-232 data: D-sub, 9 pin male. ■ Contact Closures: D-sub, 26-pin female ■ USB: Type A ■ DC Power: Two pin screw terminal ■ AC Power: C14 power inlet ■ Front Panel Ethernet: One 10/100/1000 Base-T, RJ-45 ■ Front Panel Audio Headphone: One ¼” stereo headphone jack