Mika YT3209, YT3208 Low Profile Microphones Arms with On-Air Signaling

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MIK-YT3209 YT3208
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Low Profile Microphone Arms


Mika YT3209, YT3208 Low Profile Microphones Arms with On-Air Signaling was created for video applications. It is developed to be used for TV, video calls, vlogs and radio stations who provide video streams.  Place the arm completely below your camera’s field of view and faces will be fully visible for your audience and for your interview partner.

With the m!ka Mic Arm, there are only a few knurled screws to achieve a secure fit and professional balancing of your microphone according to its weight. Each m!ka Mic Arm allows you to customize your mic’s position within seconds. Take full advantage of the given variety of mounting options to tailor your mic setup to your individual needs.

  • Low profile mic arm without any restrictions in sight
  • Created to be placed below a camera’s field of view
  • Max.range: 67cm / 26,4” | Weight: 1.05 kg
  • 5/8" thread to attach your microphone
  • Available colors: aluminum / black
  • Supports microphones with up to 3lbs
  • Adjustable friction joints to balance the arm with mic weight
  • Internally located wiring concealed by tubes and joints
  • Durable, silk-mat anodized aluminum construction
  • Renowned German craftsmanship
  • Dual-color On Air indicator (red/white) for mic statuses
  • Various options for table, wall or pole mounting available
  • A m!ka Pole + mounting adapter for this pole is necessary
  • Compatible with the whole m!ka Mounting System