Spinner BN 841480 6-1/8" EIA Female Flange with gas barrier for 4" HJ11-50 Cable

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Spinner BN 841480 6-1/8" EIA Female Flange with gas barrier for 4" HJ11-50 Cable

Includes gas barrier that can be drilled in predetermined location for gas-pass.

Requires optional bullet BN-919310 for Male Use



RF characteristics

Number of interfaces: 1
Interface type: 6 1/8" EIA (50 Ω) per IEC 60339-2
Interface direction: straight
Mounting type: none
Frequency range: DC to 860 MHz
Average power rating: 18720 W @ DC to 860 MHz
Peak power rating, max.: 1.1 MW
Proof voltage rating: 21000 V
VSWR, max.: 1.02 @ DC to 860 MHz

Mechanical characteristics

Gas inlet: NPT 1/8
Cable entry type: clamped
Suitable cable: Air dielectric 4
Cable manufacturer types: CommScope: HJ11-50
Inner conductor material / surface coating:copper-alloy / silver-plated
Outer conductor material / coating: copper-alloy / silver-plated
Insulation material: PTFE
Sealing material: silicone rubber
Degree of protection: IP 68
Degree of protection remark: pressure-tight up to 4 bar/400 kPa
Weight, approx.: 11.3 kg

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature: -40 to +85 °C
Storage ambient temperature: -70 to +85 °C