Angry Audio C3 Headphone Audio AI Processor

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Headphone Processor


C3 Headphone Audio AI Processor

Back in the analog days, on-air personalities could hear themselves in their headphones using a radio tuned to their station. The station’s audio processing would make everything sound bigger and louder, even their voices. Which gave them the instant feedback they needed to adjust their voice and mic technique to sound just the way they wanted. Unfortunately, when radio stations transitioned to digital, delay was introduced into the signal chains making it impossible for talent to listen to live processed sound.
Some resourceful engineers have rigged up old analog processors for the talent, but not everyone has a spare. Some modern digital processors offer a low-latency monitor tap, which would actually be a pretty good solution if your processor lived in the studio with the talent. Sigh. Sadly, most on-air talent is listening to dry, flat unprocessed audio in their headphones. We wondered why nobody builds a low-latency headphone processor for on-air talent. Then we stopped wondering and got to work.
Meet Chameleon C3, a low latency multi-band audio processor and high-performance headphone amplifier, all in one compact and easy to use gadget. Chameleon takes an entirely new approach to audio processing. Using a form of A.I. Chameleon monitors the incoming audio and continuously adjusts its parameters to fit the content. The result is the perfect blend of loud and clean for absolutely any format. Choose from three different density levels. Your talent will sound amazing in their own ears. Which will cause them to work their voices and mic technique more effectively. Which in turn will make them sound amazing to your listeners ears.
C3’s high-performance headphone amplifier circuitry delivers all the clean power your cans crave, whether high or low impedance, over the ear or IEM. But what if you have guests who would also benefit from hearing processed audio? Well, you could buy a C3 for everyone and we’d be okay with that! But we have a better idea. Feed the processed audio to a daisy chain of our Headphone Gizmos so all your guests can enjoy too! C3 provides both power and processed audio to its StudioHub+ output connector for a very clean installation. We even offer a special price on a bundle which includes the C3 and three Headphone Gizmos.
Okay so now your headphones sound so great, your speakers are jealous. That won’t do. Why not feed your monitors that sweet glorious Chameleon processed audio too? In fact, once you hear C3, you’ll be wanting to put one everywhere. Good idea! Think about all the different audio feeds you could improve with Chameleon as a “utility” processor. Live remotes, phones, hallway speakers, IFB sends, and perhaps most importantly, your personal listening environment. Once you’ve heard Chameleon, you’ll be addicted. Yes, it’s that good.
Chameleon C3 shown with the optional Under Counter Mounting Kit
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