Angry Audio C4 Chameleon LIVESTREAM Audio AI Processor

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Loudness issues on your livestreams? You’re not alone. Getting consistent loudness is not easy. Broadcasters have program audio processors for this. A program audio processor uses a combination of signal modifying tools to shape the sound and control loudness. And though these products can work quite well, they are typically very expensive and complex devices requiring expert setup and tuning.
Meet the revolutionary Chameleon C4. Chameleon takes an entirely new and innovative approach to program audio processing. Controlled by a form of artificial intelligence, Chameleon analyzes the incoming audio and continually adjusts its parameters to fit the content. Rather than the usual bazillion knobs and buttons, C4 automates all that complexity. No need for that expert. Just hook it up, flip a few switches, and Chameleon gets right to work.
And the sound? Prepare to be amazed. C4 delivers the loudness, consistency, punch and clarity that will make your streams stand out from the rest. Chameleon has a very open and natural sound which preserves the character of the content. Whatever your format, rock, classical, country, pop, talk, news or sports, C4 gives everything that big bold professional sound that will grab your listeners right by the ears!
But wait, there’s more! C4 features our exclusive precision loudness controller. When engaged, you can set any loudness target from -24LUFS to -14LUFS via the front panel calibration control. Now your livestreams will be compliant with loudness standards from Apple, Youtube, AES (proposed), Amazon and others. The precision loudness controller makes C4 the perfect processor for a wide variety of applications, from TV audio to remotes to radio pre-processing to inter-studio feeds, to network head-ends and auxiliary HD channels, and more.


Here it now! Sample Streams

Want to hear C4 in action? Click on one of the sample stream buttons below. Give Chameleon a listen and imagine your streams sounding this good.


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