Angry Audio Mic Drop Gizmo- MIc Cough/ Mute Switch

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Angry Audio Mic Drop Gizmo- MIc Cough/ Mute Switch

Angry Audio

What is it about hot mics on a live show? Suddenly your guest feels the need to cough and clear his throat. And if you have multiple guests, it’s as contagious as a yawn. Pretty soon everyone is hacking and snorting on the show. If you’re making a podcast, you can always edit out these unpleasantries, but that takes your precious time. And of course, the live show has no such option. Pity the listeners.

Meet the Mic Drop Gizmo! This simple device mounts near the base of your mic arm. You plug the mic arm cable into the top and there are pass-through connectors on the bottom. It replaces the XLR connector usually mounted at the base of the mic arm. But that red button on the top is a mute “cough” button. Point it out to your studio guests. Let them mute themselves when needed. Your show will sound so much better.

The Mic Drop Gizmo works with both dynamic and condenser microphones. It plugs in between your mic and your preamp. You don’t need to change anything on either end. If your preamp is providing phantom power, it will pass right through. The muting is silent. You can even reverse the action of the button. Perhaps you have an application in which you’d like the microphone to be silent unless the button is pressed. Move a jumper on the circuit board and voila, you have a push to talk function.

Like all Angry Audio products, the Mic Drop Gizmo is built to last. With premium components, a steel face plate, gold plated connector contacts, you just install it and forget about it. The Mic Drop Gizmo installs easily with nothing more than a hole saw and a screwdriver.