Angry Audio Rebel Mic Processor 991046

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Voice and Microphone


Traditional mic processors can be intimidating. That’s because they’re built to accommodate not just your mic, but any mic. Well, if you’ve ever shopped for clothes, you know that one size never really fits all. Different mics have vastly different characteristics, and even with an expert tuning your mic processor, the sound you dream of may remain elusive.

We took a different approach. Why try to make all mics sound “okay” when you can make a chosen mic sound amazing?

Meet REbel, the world’s first microphone processor engineered exclusively for the popular Electro-Voice RE20, RE27 and RE320 microphones. We spent months measuring, analyzing and listening until we knew these microphones like the backs of our hands. Then we went to work, creating DSP algorithms that perfectly enhance the unique qualities of these EV mics. After that, we carefully designed the adjustment bands so you can subtly fine tune the sound. This makes setup a breeze. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get a bad sound from REbel.

Rebel’s microphone preamp would be right at home in the world’s finest recording studios. Gobs of gain, low distortion, plenty of headroom, and a noise figure only 1.5dB higher than theoretical minimum. We also carefully engineered the preamp input impedance for optimum audio performance from the RE mics. Sometimes, the smallest details can make the biggest difference.

Voice artists everywhere have a love-hate relationship with noise gates. They’re great for eliminating background noise, but sometimes they go too far and clip off the beginning or end of words; dialing them back lets in too much background. Cornelius Gould (our audio processing guru) decided to invent a new approach: the Room control. It acts like a mixer; turn it clockwise to add more room tone (environment) to the signal, counterclockwise for room suppression. It couldn’t be easier.

The compressor is really special. Adjustable from “natural” to “massive”, but always clear and silky. We’ve created the optimal frequency-shaping contours, so again, just plug in your EVM and it sounds amazing. Plus we give you just enough adjustment range to finesse the sound, but never enough to mess it up. Oh, and wait until you hear (or should we say don’t hear) the de-esser. It reduces sibilance without giving you a lithp.

The high-pass filter is even a bit different. We shaped it just right. It cuts the rumble and table noise while preserving all of your voice’s fine lower range. Then there’s the sparkle switch. Turn it on for the RE20 if you want some more air. Turn it off for the RE320 and RE27 to tame some of their brightness. You’d swear that all the Rebel’s features were somehow tailor-made for your RE mics. And you’d be right!

If you’re a fan of the RE20 (or RE27 or RE320) microphone, you’re going to love REbel. Buy REbel without risk. We offer the industry’s only 30-day “love it or return it for a full refund” guarantee. That’s the way we roll.


The lens can be removed to expose the controls for fine tuning. Here you can set everything from pre-amp gain to compression drive to how much environment (room tone) you want. You can decide how much de-essing to engage, trim the EQ settings, and select meter behavior. And here’s where you’ll find the sparkle switch and rumble filter for the finishing touch. Once you’ve got everything perfect, snap the lens back on and enjoy.

But wait, there’s more! REbel has a remote control connector so you can mute and unmute the microphone. This is perfect for guest positions in a talkshow environment. Each guest can have his or her own “cough” button. Or give them even more control by configuring their button for On/Off/Cough. Wire your own pushbutton or purchase the optional Remote Gizmo, an illuminated pushbutton mounted in an elegant machined aluminum enclosure.

Like all Angry Audio products, REbel is designed for the rough realities of broadcasters and podcasters. The powder-coated steel enclosure is guaranteed RFI immune. Premium components and generous design margins translate to years of reliable 24/7 operation. Set it and forget it. And though, we love the look just sitting there on the desktop, you might want to tuck it away out of reach somewhere. Explore the optional accessories for mounting REbel in the rack, on a wall, under a counter, etc.

REbel shown in the optional rack mount kit. You can fit two in 1RU.