Angry Audio Studio Signal Light Gadget

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Angry Audio

Studio Signal Light Gadget designed for Angry Audio Studio Signal Lights.

The Studio Signal Light Gadget has five LED drivers to light up to five different light segments.The front panel has LEDs that correspond to the segment colors; the adjacent switch lets you automatically trigger the lights via rear-panel GPI connections, or trigger each one manually if you like. The Gadget can control the all models of the Studio Signal Light; for smaller Signal Lights, just ignore the unused control sections.

Like all Angry Audio products, the Studio Signal Light Gadget is designed for easy installation. Every segment has a dedicated RJ45 for GPI on the back panel. This makes it simple to use different devices to control different segments.

Additionally, the RJ45 marked “ALL” can control all five segments using one connection (useful when you want to control all of the lights with a single device). The drivers are all wired to a single RJ45 port, pinned to exactly match the RJ45 port on the Studio Signal Light (of course). All you need is a CAT5 patch cable to connect the light and gadget.

Two year warranty, for defects in material and/or workmanship.