Axia Quasar Soft License

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Console Remote Software


Quasar Softis a customizable remote control solution that lets you control the Quasar surface from your browser. You can generate up to eight HTML-5 pages and configure them to display any of the 64 input channels, plus a small monitor section, or even the entire master section of the console. Quasar Soft comes standard with Quasar XR consoles and is an optional upgrade for Quasar SR consoles. 

Quasar Cast

Included as part of the Quasar Soft license, Quasar Cast is a remote monitoring solution that lets you listen to any Livewire stream in the network through the same web browser. Quasar Cast generates a compressed OPUS stream from a source in the Livewire network and can serve up to eight clients (including Quasar Soft instances). With Quasar Cast, you can listen to what is happening in the studio, and on the air, while you operate the console remotely using Quasar Soft.

Mature, Reliable AoIP Technology 

Tap into the power of AoIP with Axia Quasar™, our sixth-generation of AoIP consoles and the industry-standard in mixing excellence. Powered by mature and sophisticated AoIP technology from Telos Alliance—the inventor of AoIP for broadcast—Quasar is designed for steadfast reliability and modularity with no single point of failure. The Engine’s native AoIP processing, based on a server-class hardware platform, ensures high-performance audio. 

Quasar is part of the vast Livewire+™ AES67 ecosystem, making communication with other devices on the network easy by allowing detection, sharing, and control of audio resources across multiple studios connected to the network. With Quasar, AoIP’s promises of built-in redundancy, cost-efficiency, ease of use and setup, and system scalability are fully realized.

2-year warranty covers all Telos Alliance hardware products, including those from Telos System, Omnia Audio, Axia Audio, Linear Acoustic, and 25-Seven Systems, and comes as a part of your purchase along with free industry-leading TelosCareTM technical support. Users can also purchase TelosCare PLUS, a paid service level agreement that offers priority technical support, deep discounts on out-of-warranty repairs, loaners, and on-site setup, plus total peace of mind. Contact your BGS Representative today to find out more about this service.