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Better Nuts allows you to take the OEM RE20 mount and – get this – securely connects it to your boom!Created stronger and larger so you can stop your microphone from slamming against your board during a break.

  • Made With Steel: Better Nuts are manufactured with steel – not brass like OEM nuts – that ensure your threads stay strong.
  • Whip Out Your Wrench…: A powder-coated hex design allows for you to get a tight grip and get that sucker tight on your boom.
  • …And An Allen Wrench: Connect your mount to the Better Nut with a longer, stronger Allen bolt (unlike OEM screws) that allows you to ensure a tight grip.
  • Use Your Boom’s Pivot Head: Did you know your boom’s connection point can spin? Probably didn’t because OEM nuts didn’t let them. Ours will allow it.
  • More Threads, More Better: OEM nuts and screws are short and barely make a connection. Better Nuts have many more threads, and a lot more contact points, which means less microphones falling on the board.