BLUESHAPE BLS-CVS4XL Battery Charger (V-mount)

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BlueShape BLS-CVS4XL Battery Charger (V-mount)

The CVS4XL is designed and optimized for fast, safe and reliable charging. It features sophisticated electronics for accurately detecting the charging requirements and applying the correct charging rate accordingly.
Simultaneous charging at up to 6 Amps per channel is possible with the fan on; the fan can be turned off for silent charging. A pre-charge function protects heavily discharged cells against high currents until their voltages rise to a safe level. The 3.5” LCD screen provides a visual status of the state of charge of each battery. When a battery icon is selected, it shows the state of charge, time until full, battery voltage data and any needed error message.
The powerful auxiliary output provides a nominal 14.5 Volts through an XLR when AC is connected or if a qualified battery is inserted in any channel. It can be used at remote locations as a power supply. It serves as a UPS if power to the charger is lost. A data connector enables computer monitoring of BLUESHAPE batteries through the free BSCVMON software, downloadable from our website. It also allows firmware updates.

  • 4-Place Simultaneous Charging
  • Large 3.5” Touch LCD Screen:  Main Shows State of Charge, Touch for Battery Details, Adjustable Brightness
  • Adaptive charge current: Fast with Large Batteries, Gentle with Smaller
  • Charge any Brand of Batteries
  • ON-OFF Switchable Fan:  Allows for Quiet Operation,  Charges with Fan On or Off
  • Multiple DC Capabilities: Provides 14 Volt power – No AC Connection Needed, Powers During Charging
  • Fast 2.0 Amp USB Charging
  • Data Socket: Can Connect with PC, Provides Use, Health Info, Allows Firmware Updates


  • Input: AC 100-240V 47-63Hz 
  • Output: 4x DC 16.8V 6.0A max per channel 1x AUX DC nominal 14.4V 8.0A max.
  • Simultaneous charge: all the 4 batteries are charged in parallel for maximum performance
  • Adaptive charge current: fast with large batteries, gentle with smaller
  • Universal charger: can charge any brand of V-Lock batteries
  • ON-OFF switchable fan for quiet operation
  • DC-UPS: uninterrupted AUX output always available even during charge. Without AC connected, the installed batteries provide power to the AUX output in sequence
  • 3.5" Large LCD touch screen for intuitive and detailed battery monitoring and diagnostic
  • USB auxiliary power socket 2A max
  • Data socket
  • Size: 260 x 150 x 85mm (10.24" x 5.91" x 3.35")
  • Weight: 2.95Kg (6.50lbs)