Bolin 4K PTZ Camera w/ 1″ CMOS Sensor (BC-9 SERIES)

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BOLIN’s first 4K PTZ camera equipped with a full 1" CMOS sensor was designed to capture unparalleled quality 4K video.

Supporting such large sensor, this camera offers the highest possible image quality in a compact form factor, offering superb image capture capabilities to any application that intends to capture every stunning detail of the scene set before it. It’s not only for brilliant broadcast-quality Super-High-Resolution color image in 4K30 with excellent low-light sensitivity, but also full HD footage can be captured at up to 1080p60, which is optimal for capturing fast, spontaneous action.

This best in class 4K resolution cameras with HDBaseT and optical video output option for applications in medium to large remote studios, TV newsrooms, conference rooms, sports stadiums, live sports and events, educational environment as well as corporate, house of worship, healthcare, large auditoriums, courtrooms, government and education environments.

Sony 4K Image Block – The Source of High Quality Image

■ Equipped with authentic Sony 4K image block.
■ 1.0-type sensor captures up to 4K resolution images with excellent sensitivity, very low noise, and rich natural color reproduction.
■ Industry standard imaging, lens, color, clarity, detail of image - it’s from Sony.
■ Sony’s broadcast DNA, Image parameter setting, Black Level, Color Matrix, True WDR, ND Filter, etc.

1.0-Type CMOS Sensor Image - The Bigger The better

■ Equipped with large back illuminated 1” Exmor R CMOS sensor, 20M of effective pixels, BOLIN 9 Series Integrated 4K PTZ Camera produces brilliant broadcast-quality color images in 4K30 with excellent low-light sensitivity.
■ Full HD footage can be captured at 1080p60 optimal for fast, spontaneous action events.
■ Comprehensive image parameter setting like Black Level, Color Matrix, Tally lights and Genlock for professional applications.
■ The camera can also be operated in 23.98p/24p mode for Cinematic video.

Zoom Capability

■ The high quality 12x optical zoom lens with SRZ (Sony Super Resolution Zoom) technology provides 18x (4K) or 24x (HD) zoom range without compromising details.
■ 2X Convert Mode gives you 48X (HD) Max-zoom range.
■ With constant aperture of F2.8, excellent low light sensitivity, the camera can capture low noise color video images in low light conditions, like live hall and theater.

FPGA Video Processing Engine

■ Bolin 9 Series 4K PTZ camera is equipped with XILINX ZYNQ platform based single chip FPGA+ARM® processor which supports all video format processing up to 4K with lossless image.
■ FPGA engineering delivers stable image processing for 24/7 operation through modular design, flexible video interface, capability of being scalable and upgradable to 12G-SDI.
■ In addition, the chip supports AI engine based on customized data flow acceleration with low latency and computing efficiency up to 92%. This benefits the future AI features such as Auto-Tracking and 3rd party embedded system development such as NDI-On-Chip without any hardware modification.​

Brilliant Broadcast quality of imaging

■ When it comes to the stringent requirements for broadcast, post production and professional AV, our 9 Series 4K PTZ camera is used as an ideal video source.
■ Bolin’s advanced FPGA video processing technology provides the highest quality 10-bit video with low jitter SDI signals which helps compensate for longer cable runs without any loss of signal integrity when encountering noise levels which may degrade video quality.
■ Bolin 9 Series 4K PTZ camera with SDI supports various FHD formats and up to 3840x2160 UHD resolutions.​

SRT Ready

Delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public Internet. SRT optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video over unstable networks.
■ High quality video image
■ Low latency
■ Secure end-to-end transmission
■ Leveraging the internet
■ Open source
For more information about SRT and SRT technical data, please visit SRT Alliance website

4K IP Image – IP Remote Control and View

■ Remotely view smooth and stable video streaming (up to 2160p30) plus audio over an IP network via web browser.
■ Supports RTSP, RTMP for online video and live streaming.
■ Cross Browser Compatibility - HTML5 support for Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers without plugin.
■ Full function PTZ camera IP control via Visca Over IP protocol.
■ Integration with popular VMS - ONVIF (100% pass Onvif test tool result) for IP video control, record and management.

True Dual Output - Baseband and IP Video

■ With Sony image module as its core, Bolin 9 series True Dual Output camera provides simultaneous 6G/3G-SDI broadcast quality video with no latency and 4K IP video output using the latest H. 264/265 video compression for live streaming and remote manageability.
■ It’s True Dual Output that supports 1080i SDI resolution with 2160p/1080p IP resolution. SDI video and IP video can be set up independently.
■ 6G/3G-SDI video supports up to 2160p30, 1080p60, 1080i59.94 and IP video resolutions up to 4K/30.

OIS - Optical Image Stabilizer

■ Built-in OIS-Optical Image Stabilizer function eliminates the effect of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration.
■ This is useful for indoor structure vibration, such as people walking, door closing, dancing floor etc.
■ Stable zoom combined with Image stabilizer to enhanced picture quality,Versatile Video Output

■ Versatile video outputs: Flexibility in professional broadcast and AV environments with multiple choices of video outputs:
■ Main 4K HDMI, 6G-SDIx2 and Dual Link 3G-SDI (x2). IP streaming and RTMP live streaming. HDBaseT and Optical 6G-SDI video output cards(Optional).

Video Output Card Extension

Two optional methods of video output: ■ HDBaseT, which carries 4K HDMI, Camera Power, RS232/422 Control, IR Control, IP streaming, Audio via One CAT6 Cable up to 80-100 meters.
■ Optical 6G-SDI, which works with all standard SFP optical devices and fiber optic infrastructure, allowing high quality image transmission over extreme long distance.

The ways that you have the camera under control

■ Bolin 9 series PTZ camera provides multiple methods of controlling: Serial port RS232, RS422/485 and IP plus HDBaseT one cable control. Protocols supported: VISCA, Pelco, VISCA Over IP and ONVIF IP. It gives you capabilities of local control and remote control without distance limitations.

Ease of Installation

■ Installation is simplified in a wide range of environments: RJ45 RS232/422 control port provides convenience of wiring.
■ PoE and POH (Power over HDBaseT) to reduce cabling requirements.
■ Standard and ceiling mount and tripod with E-Flip function.

Movement Matters

■ Bolin 9 series PTZ camera extreme quiet and smooth Pan/Tilt movements combined with enhanced adaptive variable and super slow speed control provides accurate and effective operation experiences.
■ Trace Memory, a sequence of camera moves can be stored for instant recall.
■ Picture Profile Preset-Image parameter setting restore with presets and quick access operation.



  • Video OutputsSimultaneous 4K HDMI1.4, 6G-SDI/3G-SDI, 4K IP streaming. Optional Video Card: HDBaseT and Optical 6G-SDI
  • Super High Resolution with Full HD 1080p60 Frame Rate Image9 Series is Bolin's first 4K PTZ camera equipped with a full 1" CMOS sensor for brilliant broadcast-quality Super-High-Resolution color image in 4K30 with excellent low-light sensitivity and full HD footage can also be captured at up to 1080p60, which is optimal for capturing fast, spontaneous action.
  • Full Resolution Frame Rate and Cinematic PicturesResolution supports up to 4K(2160P/29.97/23.98), 1080p60/59.94, 1080i59.94; The camera can also operate in Cinematic 24p mode, for video footage with a rich, filmic look.
  • Made for Broadcast UseBlack Level, Color Matrix fine tune, Trace Memory, ND filter and comprehensive image parameter setting and tally lights for Broadcast-friendly use and Pro AV applications.
  • Industry Standard and CompatibilitySDI: SMPTE compliant broadcast and ProAV workflow standards. HDMI: Provision of an HDMI video interface simplifies direct connection with a compatible video conferencing system, PC or HD video monitor.
  • Always up to dateDownload the latest Firmware upgrade via USB and IP interface which constantly improves the camera features and performance, even for customized function upgrades.
  • Audio Embedded with Video OutputWith mic built-in and audio Line-in available, audio embedded with SDI and HDMI output plus bi-directional audio IP streaming over network.