Cablewave-RFS HCA78-50JPBL 7/8" HELIFLEX® Air-Dielectric Coaxial Cable

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Cablewave-RFS HCA78-50JPLB 7/8" HELIFLEX® Air-Dielectric Coaxial Cable 50 ohm, Plenum Rated, Black Jacket

7/8" low loss air dielectric cable, plenum rated, UV resistant black PVC Jacket, applicable to both outdoor and indoor applications.

RFS Technologies' air dielectric cables are air filled coaxial cables which consist of an inner conductor and an outer conductor. A dielectric helix is used to center the inner conductor to the outer conductor. Air dielectric cables have low attenuation and high power rating which make them perfect choice of high RF power transmission lines, such as in FM, TV and radar systems and networks. Air cables also have better flexibility and crush resistance than other solutions such as rigid lines.

  • Low Attenuation: The low attenuation of HELIFLEX® coaxial cable results in highly efficient signal transfer in your RF system.
  • Complete Shielding: The solid outer conductor of HELIFLEX® coaxial cable creates a continuous RFI/EMI shield that minimizes system interference.
  • Low VSWR: Special low VSWR versions of HELIFLEX® coaxial cables contribute to low system noise.
  • Outstanding Intermodulation Performance: HELIFLEX® coaxial cable's solid inner and outer conductors virtually eliminate intermods. Intermodulation performance is also confirmed with state-of-the-art equipment at the RFS factory.
  • High Power Rating:    Due to their low attenuation, outstanding heat transfer properties and temperature stabilized dielectric
    materials, HELIFLEX® cable provides safe long term operating life at high transmit power levels.
  • Wide Range of Application: Typical areas of application are: feedlines for broadcast and terrestrial microwave antennas, wireless cellular, PCS and ESMR base stations, cabling of antenna arrays, and radio equipment interconnects.



Applications   Wireless Communication TV & Radio HF Defense Mobile Radio Cable Solutions


Cable Type   Air-Dielectric, Corrugated
Size   7/8
Jacket Option   Black
Inner Conductor Diameter mm (in) 9 (0.35)
Inner Conductor Material   Copper Tube
Dielectric Diameter mm (in) 20.2 (0.79)
Dielectric Material   Helical Polyethylene Spacer
Outer Conductor Diameter mm (in) 25.5 (1)
Outer Conductor Material   Corrugated Copper
Jacket Diameter mm (in) 28 (1.103)
Jacket Material   UVR PVC (UltraViolet Resistant PolyVinylChloride)

                                                 TESTING AND ENVIRONMENTAL

Fire Performance   Flame Retardant, Plenum Rated
Flame Retardant Jacket Specifications   Meets the requirements according to: IEC60754-1, IEC60754-2
Installation Temperature °C(°F) -25 to 60 (-13 to 140)
Storage Temperature °C (°F) -60 to 85 (-76 to 185)
Operation Temperature °C(°F) -40 to 85 (-40 to 185)


Impedance Ω 50 +/- 0.5    
Maximum Frequency GHz 4.2    
Velocity % 93    
Capacitance pF/m (pF/ft) 71 (21.6)    
Inductance uH/m (uH/ft) 0.178 (0.054)    
Peak Power Rating kW 73    
RF Peak Voltage Volts 2700    
Jacket Spark Volt RMS 8000    
Inner Conductor dc Resistance Ω/1000 m (Ω/1000 ft) 1.1 (0.34)    
Outer Conductor dc Resistance Ω/1000 m (Ω/1000 ft) 0.88 (0.27)    
Return Loss (VSWR) Performance   Standard    
Min. Return Loss (Max. VSWR) dB (VSWR) Typical 20.8dB (1.2 VSWR) or better within the operation bands of most global frequency ranges. Premium also available. Contact factory for options in your specific frequency band.    


Phase Stabilized  

Phase stabilized and phase matched cables and assemblies are available upon request.

Temperature & Power   Standard    


Cable Weight, Nominal kg/m (lb/ft) 0.68 (0.46) kg/m (lb/ft) 0.68 (0.46)
Minimum Bending Radius, Single Bend mm (in) 100 (4) mm (in) 100 (4)
Minimum Bending Radius, Repeated Bends mm (in) 250 (10) mm (in) 250 (10)
Bending Moment Nm (lb-ft) 27 (20) Nm (lb-ft) 27 (20)
Tensile Strength N (lb) 1600 (360) N (lb) 1600 (360)
Recommended / Maximum Clamp Spacing m (ft) 0.5 / 0.9 (1.8 / 3) m (ft) 0.5 / 0.9 (1.8 / 3)