Connectronics CAT-6 RJ45 Female-Female Feedthru D Series Panel Mount

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Connectronics RJ45-RJ45CM-6, CAT-6 RJ45 Female-Female Feedthru D Series Panel Mount

World's First Chassis Mount RJ45 To RJ45 Feed-Thru Barrel Connectors That Fit Any Standard XLR Audio Rack Panel! Add Full RS422 & RS232 Machine Control & Multimedia Patching To Your Existing Audio/Video Panels! Full Serial Interface patching via handy RJ45 inputs is now available to your existing audio & video patch panels. Using standard XLR screw hole alignment, these new connectors mount right in your existing patch panels. Both RS422 and RS232 patching can be used in any combination within your same patch panel! Use these new RJ45 Connectors for both machine control and full bandwidth multimedia & data applications with full stable performance up to 350MHz. The day has come where RJ45 patching is now as easy as mounting an XLR connector!