CircuitWerkes CP-2 Call Progress Decoder

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The CP-2 is a call progress decoder that allow any automatic telephone coupling device to hang up properly on PBX or other telephone lines that don't provide the customary end of call D.C. signaling, commonly known as CPC or COD. Many PBXs and a few telco COs do not provide the end-of-call drop in line current that makes telephone couplers hang up. So, the CP-1 and CP-2 listen for dial tone and/or busy (reorder) signals and force the attached unit to hang-up if they are detected.

The CP-2 is designed to be used with all telephone devices, regardless of maker. Installation is simple: Just connect one RJ-11 to the wall and the other to the device that you want to hang up.

The CP-2 features internal jumpers that let you select whether they will detect dial tone, busy or all tones. User adjustable delay before hang up prevents false tripping.