ESE ES-101 Economy GPS Master Clock

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ES-101 Economy GPS Master Clock

The ES-101 is a low-cost yet very accurate GPS Master Clock/Time Code Generator. The unit receives time and date information from Global Positioning System satellites and supplies this data to the user in the form of three (3) different types of time code. ... ASCII (RS-232C), ESE-TC89™ and ESE-TC90™. Two (2) One Pulse Per Second outputs and a GPS "Lock" output are also standard features. A twelve-channel receiver is employed that is capable of tracking up to twelve (12) satellites simultaneously, although reception of only one is required for time data to be output. Several options are available that allow the unit to meet most any requirement asked from a Master Clock or Time Code Generator. Options available include SMPTE, EBU, IRIG-B or IRIG-E time code outputs. Many other options are available and are listed in the Product Options tab below.

  • Optional SMPTE, EBU, IRIG-B or IRIG-E output (SMPTE option shown)
  • ASCII (RS-232C) And ESE time Code Outputs
  • Dual 1 PPS Output (20% and 50% Duty Cycles)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Antenna with 16' Cable
  • Digital,Video & Analog Slave Clocks Available
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time Correction
  • <500 Nano-Second Accuracy
  • Time Zone Offset
  • GPS "Lock" indicator
  • Loss of GPS Signal Output
  • Legally Traceable to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
  • Rugged Desk Top Enclosure


10nS 10nS Accuracy: The accuracy of the unit is improved to 10nS.
6-Digit Six-Digit Display: A 6-Digit (Hr, Min & Sec) Front Panel Mounted Display. Option 'P' is required.
9-Digit Nine-Digit Display: A 9-Digit (Days, Hr, Min & Sec) Front Panel Mounted Display (.55" LED) is provided. Option 'P' is required.
Ant GPS Antenna: High Performance GPS Antenna for harsh RF Environments.
B Parallel BCD Output: CMOS compatible, 5-volt logic in parallel four-line format. Specify the ES-169B.
BBU Battery Back-Up: An internal Gel-Cell battery is provided capable of maintaining the unit's microprocessor for up to a 4-hour power outage.
DC DC Operation: Requires the unit to be powered from a DC source exclusively, typically +12 to +35 VDC.
EBU EBU Time Code: The unit is configured to output EBU Time Code instead of SMPTE (standard, or at no charge on many units).
HR Relay Contact Closure: A contact closure occurs at the top of each Hour. Hour and 1/2 Hour closure may be ordered on some products. Relay contacts are rated at 10-Watts maximum load, 500mA maximum switching current.
IRIG-B IRIG-B Output: IRIG-B Time Code Output. IRIG-E cannot be specified when this option is ordered.
IRIG-E IRIG-E Output: IRIG-E Time Code Output. IRIG-B cannot be specified when this option is ordered.
J 220 VAC/50 Hz Operation: The unit is configured to operate from 220 VAC line voltage. 117 VAC 50/60 Hz is standard. EBU and/or PAL may also be specified, if needed.
K provides a 10 MHz output and a 1 KHz output. Options '10ns' and 'P' are required if option 'K' is specified.
P 19" Front Panel (Rack Mount): Designed for mounting into a standard equipment rack. Panel is 1/8" black anodized Aluminum and chassis is 5" - 10" deep.
P2 Dual Rack Mount: Allows specific units to be mounted side-by-side on a single Rack Mount panel.
SMPTE/EBU SMPTE or EBU Time Code outputs: SMPTE or EBU Time Code outputs may be specified (not available with IRIG)