JT Communications Sepsonix FM Broadcast Processor

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  • Complete FM processor in one single rack enclosure.
  • Stereo dual band compressor with optimized attack/release values.
  • Compressor feedback-derived AGC for smooth gain riding.
  • Active balanced RFI-protected audio inputs.
  • 25Hz active high-pass filter; eliminates LF/sub-audio disturbances.
  • Active phase rotator for symmetrical modulation peak detection.
  • Compression ‘freeze’ feature, reduces audio “breathing” during audio gaps.
  • LED indicators: input, compression, HF limit, stereo, composite clipping, power.
  • Digital PWM gain control throughout with no digital latency.
  • All user adjustments utilize 10-turn, front-panel controls.
  • Rapid and simple setup and installation.
  • Microprocessor-free design; no complicated screens or menus needed.
  • Rapid recovery upon power loss, no start-up delays.
  • Independent compressor out for audio streaming feed.
  • Ultra-fast L/R HF limiting on selectable pre-emphasis curves (50/75/100uS)
  • Adjustable HF limiter drive with LED limit indicators.
  • Internal stereo generator with digital balanced modulator.
  • Mono mode disables all stereo baseband signals, sums L+R inputs.
  • Adjustable pilot level and phase.
  • Active 6 pole 15kHz low pass & 19kHz audio notch filtering.
  • Adjustable composite transient suppression with LED indicator.
  • Adjustable master composite output drive level.
  • “latency-free” design, no throughput delays.
  • External SCA/RDS input.
  • 90-250 universal AC input, 50/60Hz.
  • Single 19” rack enclosure, 10.5” depth.
  • Optional frequency-agile PLL FM signal generator for in-house modulation monitoring.