Telos Alliance Deployment Packages for Telos VXs

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Telos Alliance Deployment Packages for Telos VXs

A deployment package covers Professional Services for the initial consultation; VXs software installation; configuration of VXs SIP (requires PBX or managed service provider, and might require a 3rd party Asterisk Server), VXs studios and shows, directly interfacing Axia equipment (xNode, consoles); and post-deployment handoff tutorial session.

Two versions of VXs Deployment Packages Available:

  • Customer Supplied Bare Metal Server: 4000-00073-000, $995.00
  • Cloud (AWS): 4000-00074-000, $1,495.00

If you require a different style of deployment, please contact your Telos Alliance Salesperson to discuss requirements and receive a quote prior to placing an order.