Yellowtec Hush Remote

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Yelowtec Hush Remote
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The hush Remote serves as a comfortable control option to control a hush or hush+ OnAir Controller. To control hush you have a choice of five modes. Choose Remote mode to manage your OnAir signaling at the push of a button by using the hush Remote. As a standalone solution, the hush Remote provides extremely convenient control over hush. It perfectly suits all users whose existing equipment does not support red light control. A hush Remote has to be used with a hush or hush+ OnAir Controller. Easily connect the hush Remote to your hush device via the provided USB-C cable and get started.

Via the hush Remote's OnAir button, you can handle your OnAir signaling on your m!ka Mic Arm's LED OnAir indicator. Press the OnAir button on your hush Remote to indicate on your m!ka Mic Arm that you are OnAir. As soon as you do so, the LED signal of your m!ka Mic Arm will light up red without any delay. If you are using the hush+ version, this step will also activate your microphone signal. Press the OnAir button again while the LED signal of your m!ka Mic Arm is red, to turn off the red shining OnAir indicator. Using hush+, this also deactivates your mic signal.

The mute button of the hush Remote is designed as a cough button. Since only the hush+ model with its preamp processes your audio signal, the mute function is only available with hush+. Press and hold the mute button to mute your microphone signal. A white shining OnAir indicator on your m!ka Mic Arm as well as a yellow Mute button and a red flashing OnAir button on the hush Remote unmistakably indicate muting. Release the mute button to reactivate your microphone signal. Doing so, the OnAir LED will light up red again and you are back on air.

OPTION: You get the hush Remote either separately or as a part of a Bundle option with the hush OnAir Controller or hush+ OnAir Controller.



  • Optional remote control for hush and hush+
          ↪ hush+ OnAirController (with preamp)

          ↪ hush OnAir Controller (without preamp)
     ✓  Gives you control over your OnAir Signaling via two buttons
     ✓  To handle your m!ka MicArm OnAirs LED OnAir indicator
     ✓  To on top control your mic signal and mute when using hush+
     ✓  OnAir button: to de/activate your OnAir signaling 
     ✓  Mute button: designed as a cough button (for hush+ only!)

     ✓  Plug'n'play concept allows for fast handling
 ✓  Connect the hush Remote to your hush or hush+ OnAir Controller via USB
 ✓  Sturdy aluminum unibody serves as a conductor + heat sink
 ✓  Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 10cm  |  Weight: 0.2kg