Mika MSS System Poles, Aluminum or Black

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M!KA MSS Poles: extruded aluminium sheath with four profile slots and 16mm inner hole, inserted nut M10x1.5 at the bottom side. Allows to individually arrange m!ka elements in multiple position

Backbone of the m!ka Mounting System

✓ 4 full-height grooves serve as mounting points for m!ka elements
✓ Attach up to 4 m!ka elements at the same height of the pole
✓ Available colors: aluminum/black

✓ Available Sizes: all ø 51mm
  - XS: Height: 18.0cm / 7.09” – Weight: 0.35kg
  - S: Height: 44.5cm / 17.5” – Weight: 0.83kg
  - M: Height: 54.5cm / 21.5” – Weight: 1.02kg
  - L: Height: 84.5cm / 33.3” – Weight: 1.55kg
✓ m!ka Monitor Arms can be fixed directly inside the grooves
✓ m!ka Mic Arms TV can be fixed directly inside the grooves
✓ m!ka System Pole XS is recommended for m!ka Mic Arms TV
✓ Choose Pole Adapters to fix m!ka Mic Arms, EasyLift or Studiolight
✓ Slide-in mounting-point on top
✓ Add 1x m!ka Mic Arm / m!ka Studiolight / m!ka EasyLift on top
✓ A litt Signaling Device perfectly fits on top of the pole
✓ Internal steal thread at the bottom for pole mounting
✓ Sturdy silk-mat anodized aluminum / ABS construction
✓ Renowned German craftsmanship
✓ Various mounting options