CircuitWerkes AC-12 Telco Autocoupler Bay for 12 Couplers or Hybrids

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The AC-12 rack mounted coupler bay is ideal for replacing that wall full of individual telephone couplers. You can fit up to twelve full-featured autocouplers in a three-RU (5¼") rack space. When you install the AC-12, you can eliminate the problems and mess of multiple coupler boxes and wires that you used to need for serious telephone distribution and production. The AC-12's card frame features a two channel audio buss that can be accessed with the flick of a switch from any of the individual couplers. If you want to take a separate program feed from an individual coupler, the audio select switch allows you instant access to the coupler card's independent audio port without affecting buss audio. As you might have guessed, sending audio to the couplers is easy. All you have to do is connect your source to one of the AC-12's two, bridging, buss inputs, set the coupler switch to the buss you want, adjust the level (a one-time adjustment) and you're ready to send. If you ever need to feed a second program down some of your lines, you'll wonder how you ever lived without the second audio buss. Not only can you send two feeds simultaneously, you can also leave a second source permanently wired to the coupler. There's no need to build an external switcher for your second audio feed when you have the AC-12.

Requires either AC-1 or AC-1H Card