Axia SmartKey Module Options

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Axia SmartKey Module Options
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Axia Pathfinder Core PRO Required


Quasar SmartKey Module


SmartKey Module



What is a SmartKey Module?

The Quasar SmartKey Module is a 2-channel-wide surface module (or one-half the width of a fader module) for the Quasar XR and SR control surfaces, which adds up to four blocks of six programmable user keys. Each key can be programmed to display user-defined text using Axia Pathfinder Core PRO and requires Quasar V2.2.3 or higher software. 


SmartKey Modules come in four versions with 6, 12, 18, or 24 buttons. Up to three 6-, 12-, or 18-button modules can be installed in a daisy-chain configuration; modules with 24 keys cannot be cascaded. Connectivity is via USB 2.0.


The SmartKey Module will appeal to customers whose needs are not met by the standard 8 buttons provided on the MTS Module. It also addresses the concerns of customers who were accustomed to ordering Axia Fusion consoles with multiple customizable button modules and wanted something similar for Quasar. 



They can be ordered when configuring and purchasing a new Quasar XR or SR console. Or, they can be purchased separately and installed by customers into existing consoles so long as there is enough free module space in the console frame, and enough USB and power supply ports available internally.




2-year warranty covers all Telos Alliance hardware products, including those from Telos System, Omnia Audio, Axia Audio, Linear Acoustic, and 25-Seven Systems, and comes as a part of your purchase along with free industry-leading TelosCareTM technical support. Users can also purchase TelosCare PLUS, a paid service level agreement that offers priority technical support, deep discounts on out-of-warranty repairs, loaners, and on-site setup, plus total peace of mind. Contact your BGS Representative today to find out more about this service.