BrightEye BE5 Analog Composite TBC and Frame Sync

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BE5 Analog Composite TBC and Frame Sync

  • Use with VCR’s, cameras, satellite receivers
  • Analog Video Inputs and Outputs
  • TBC and Frame Sync
  • 12 bit processing

BrightEye 5 is a Time Base Corrector with analog composite inputs and outputs. 12 bit digital signal processing ensures the best signal handling and a solid output. BrightEye 5 will time base correct signals from analog sources such as consumer VCRs, cameras and noisy microwave receivers.The analog input is converted at 12 bits of resolution for digital processing. The signal is time base corrected and frame synchronized to the reference input and converted back to analog for output. BrightEye 5 auto detects the video standard of the input (PAL or NTSC).Basic controls are provided on the front panel. With BrightEye Mac or PC software, you can control video proc functions; Gain, Chroma, Pedestal, and Hue. The vertical interval can be passed or blanked.