Electro-Voice RE3-RE520 Wireless Handheld Microphone System with RE520 Wireless Mic

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Electro-Voice RE3-RE520 Wireless Handheld Microphone System with RE520 Wireless Mic

The Electro-Voice RE3-RE-520 is a next-generation UHF handheld wireless microphone set. This particular model comes with an RE520 condenser supercardioid  mic capsule and your choice from 3 bandwidths for the North American market, chosen to minimize the complexities of today's challenging RF environments 

5H : 560-596MHz
5L : 488-524MHz
6M : 653-663MHz

The handheld mic transmitter unit combines robust aluminum build quality with a sleek profile, and – like all EV RE3 transmitters – offers excellent battery life and runs on regular alkaline or rechargeable AA cells. This set contains one 1/2-rack-space diversity receiver with antennas, universal power supply, rack mount kit, transmitter, batteries and an input device.

RE3 is the next-generation UHF wireless product family from Electro-Voice, designed to deliver superior audio performance with best-in-class wireless flexibility and ease-of-use, with a total of five frequency bands available in alignment with the latest global RF requirements. The series features user-friendly, state-of-the-art technology and roadworthy construction which extends the rock-solid reputation of its predecessor, the RE2. And please note: additional microphone capsules can be purchased separately.

  • Rack mountable ½-rack-space diversity receiver with rack mounting hardware
  • Robust aluminum handheld transmitter body
  • Easy-to-read LCD displays
  • Recharging contacts on handheld transmitter (can also be used with third party regular/rechargeable batteries)
  • Battery charging station (optional accessory)
  • Extensive selection of optional system accessories available
  • Selectable high (50 mW) and low (10 mW) transmitter power (most bands)
  • Transmitters powered by common AA cells (battery level displayed on receiver)
  • Clear frequency scanning
  • Wireless sync of transmitter to receiver
  • Keylock function protects settings from unwanted changes
  • Diversity reception technology for trouble-free operation
  • Wide selection of tuning bandwidths to help compensate for changing global RF regulations
  • 36 MHz tuning bandwidths (most bands)
  • Up to 1440 selectable frequencies
  • Frequencies independently adjustable in 25 kHz steps
  • Eight groups of pre-coordinated frequencies with up to 22 coordinated channels per group
  • Simple multi-channel system setup


RE3-RX RE3 Diversity Receiver

  • Frequency oscillation mode: Phase-locked loop (PLL)
  • Carrier frequency range: 470 - 865 MHz
  • Frequency ranges: 5L: 36 MHz (488-524 MHz), 5H: 36 MHz (560-596 MHz), 6M: 10 MHz (653-663 MHz)
  • Sync frequency: Ultrasonic 40 kHz
  • Diversity: Antenna diversity
  • Bandwidth: 36MHz
  • Signal/Noise ratio: >100dB(A)
  • Total harmonic distortion:<0.6%@1kHz
  • Receiving sensitivity: -81dBm for -12dB SINAD
  • Antenna type: Detachable ½ wave with BNC connector
  • Antenna booster power: DC12 - 15V/100mA
  • Function display by: LCD
  • Contents of display: Group, channel, frequency, antenna A/B, transmitter battery level, transmitter status (mute, live, or no sync), output level attenuation, AF indication, RF indication, key lock indicator
  • Control functions: Power, scan, frequency, group, channel, squelch, TX sensitivity, TX attenuation, TX RF power, TX auto off, TX key lock, TX display info, TX sync configuration, RX output volume, RX output level, RX antenna booster power, RX key lock, RX display contrast, RX display brightness, RX system reset.
  • Sync data options: Frequency, group, channel, sensitivity level, attenuation status, RF power, auto off status, key lock
    status, transmitter display (freq or Gp/Ch)
  • Audio frequency output level: Ref:±22.5kHz Dev@1kHz Tone ¼” (6.3mm) Phone Jack:-10dBV XLR Jack:-4dBV(Line)、-24dBV(MIC) 
  • Squelch and noise muting: Noise muting and tone code locking
  • Output Connections: 1 balanced XLRM jack, 1  unbalanced ¼” TS (6.3mm) jack
  • Power supply: DC12~15V/500mA
  • Dimensions: Width: 8.27 in. Height: (with feet attached) 1.85 in. Height: (without feet attached) 1.73 in. Depth: (including antenna jack) 6.89 in. Depth: (not including antenna jack) 6.1 in. 
  • Net weight: 2.71 lb (1.23 kg)
RE3-HHT RE3 Handheld Transmitter
  • Frequency oscillation mode: Phase-locked loop (PLL)
  • Frequency ranges: 5L: 36 MHz (488-524 MHz), 5H: 36 MHz (560-596 MHz), 6M: 10 MHz (653-663 MHz)
  • Sync frequency: Ultrasonic
  • RF power output: Frequency bands 5L (488-524MHz): Low 10mW / High 50mW, 5H (560-596MHz): Low 10mW / High 50mW, 6M (653-663MHz): Low 10mW /High 20mW
  • Display by: LCD + LED Function controls: Power, mute, group, channel, frequency, sensitivity adjustment, RF power, auto off, key lock.
  • RF stability: <±10kHz@Fc
  • Modulation frequency shift: Wideband FM ±48kHz deviation
  • Harmonic radiation: <-50dBc
  • Battery: 2 x AA alkaline battery or NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions (without head): Height: 7.52 in. Width at threaded end: 1.46 in. Width at control cover: 0.856 in.

RE520-RC3 Wireless head with RE-520 capsule

  • Element type: Self-biased condenser
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz-20 kHz
  • Polar pattern: Supercardioid
  • Sensitivity, open circuit voltage @ 1 kHz: 5.6 mV/Pascal (-45 dBV/Pa)
  • Maximum SPL: 139 dB SPL (1% THD)
  • Self noise: 22 dB SPL "A" weighed (0 dB=20 μPa)
  • Dynamic range: 117 dB
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio: 72 dB
  • Impedance: 1000 ohms
  • Power requirements: 4-8 VDC Phantom Power
  • Polarity: Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage at center contact relative to ground contact
  • Electrical contact: 3-Ring/3-Pin
  • Threaded coupling: 1.25" diameter 28 UN-2A thread pitch
  • Finish: Black polyurethane paint Materials: Aluminum, steel, steel wire grille screen
  • Dimensions, length: 3.36 in. diameter: 2.0 in.
  • Net weight: 4.6 oz (184 g)