SSAC/Littelfuse FB120A Beacon Failure Alarm Relay

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FB120A Beacon Failure Alarm Relay

The FB120A and FB230A are used to monitor the operation of one two-lamp incandescent beacon and one beacon flasher (or auxiliary module). The flasher and lamps are monitored by sensing the flow of current in the circuit. If the lamp(s) or the flasher fail to operate properly, a solid-state output and an isolated SPDT relay energize. When connected to a site monitoring system, this unit provides the remote beacon monitoring protection required by the FAA/FCC. On a multiple beacon structure, one unit is required for each two-lamp incandescent beacon (one unit per beacon for LED beacons).OperationIf one lamp in an incandescent beacon fails, the relay and solidstate lamp failure outputs energize after 10s. If the flasher fails in the ON or OFF condition, the relay and the solid-state flasher failure output energizes after 6s. If both failures occur, all three outputs energize after their trip delays.Note: If both incandescent lamps fail, all three outputs will energize. The relay and solid-state flasher failure output energizes after 6s, and the solid-state lamp failure output energizes after 10s.