SSAC/Littelfuse FS155-30RF Hot Tower Beacon Flasher 115v

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SSAC FS155-30RF Hot Tower Beacon Flasher 115v

The FA and FS Series Flashers have proven their reliability through years of use on communication towers, smoke stacks, cooling towers, tall buildings, bridges and utility towers. The highest quality components are encapsulated in a rugged plastic housing with a molded-in heat transfer plate. The flash rate, ratio, and failsafe design meet FAA regulations. Zero voltage switching can increase lamp life up to ten times. The FS155-30RF & FS165-30RF include superior RF filtering circuitry for use in high RF installations, including AM hot towers.OperationFS Series - Flasher (OFF First)FA Series - Flashers & Aux. ModulesUpon application of input voltage, the T2 OFF time begins. At the end of the OFF time, the T1 ON time begins and the load energizes. At the end of T1, T2 begins and the load de-energizes. This cycle repeats until voltage is removed.Reset: Removing input voltage resets the output and the sequence to T2.