Masterclock GMR1000 Master Clock

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Master Clock
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GMR1000 Master Clock

The GMR1000 is a compact time server that can reference a variety of timing sources and provide a range of outputs including NTP, PTP, IRIG-B, and SMPTE. The base model includes both NTP client and server functionality compatible within IPv4 and IPv6 networks and offering SSH encryption for secure communications. Properly configured and using standard NTP polling rates, the device can support and synchronize hundreds of thousands of NTP clients. Optionally, the device can act as a PTP IEEE1588 grandmaster or slave clock, time code generator, NENA time server, and more.


  • Robust and compact design, mount multiple units in a single rack

  • Mission-critical Stratum 1 timing solution

  • Capability of synchronizing to GPS, GNSS, IRIG-B, or PTP reference.

  • Internal-disciplined high-stability oscillator options allow for critical holdover resiliency.

  • Optional modules provide flexible input/output signal support

  • Supports enterprise-grade PTP/NTP server application

  • Backward compatible with legacy signals

  • Trusted platform for the Federal Aviation Administration