Mika Litt Color Segments, Available in 5 colors-2 Sizes

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Mika Litt Color Segments, Available in 5 colors-2 Sizes

The litt Color Segments are characterized by its powerful CleanVision® lighting signal with two available heights, 22mm & 35mm and two different body colors (Aluminum & Black). Available in the signaling colors red, green, yellow, blue or white, each litt Color Segment is equipped with four high-power LEDs. Their unique screen lens produces remarkably consistent radiance with a full 360° viewing angle.

Combine up to five litt Color Segments in your preferred order and place them one top of one litt Base Controller of your choice. Take advantage of the litt Color Segments’ Twist’n’Click System for easy installation. Use the litt Lighthouse® Software to easily adjust lighting pattern + brightness level according to your needs.


  • litt 50/35 (1.38") or 50/22 (.86") Height Sizes
  • Segment color: Alumunim or Black
  • Signaling color: red/green/yellow/white/blue
  • litt Lighthouse® Configuration Software


  • 360° CleanVision® LED lighting signal with consistent radiance
  • Available signaling colors: red / green / yellow / white / blue
  • Attach up to 5 litt Color Segments to 1 litt Base Controller
  • Combine segments of any height + color in your preferred order
  • Change your segments’ order anytime
  • Configure via mini-USB-port + litt Lighthouse® (Windows only)
  • Individually program lighting pattern + brightness of each segment
  • Maintenance-free with exceptional ø lifetime of >50,000
  • Easily install your segments via their bayonets Twist’n’Click System
  • All connecting parts are located inside
  • Extraordinarily clean + elegant anodized aluminum look
  • Power requirement: max. 2W/segment
  • Power consumption: max. 6.5W

Model Numbers

YT9201 RED 50/22 Aluminum
YT9202 GREEN 50/22 Aluminum
YT9203 YELLOW 50/22 Aluminum
YT9204 WHITE 50/22 Alumimun
YT9205 BLUE 50/22 Aluminum
YT9301 RED 50/35 Aluminum
YT9302 GREEN 50/35 Aluminum
YT9303 YELLOW 50/35 Aluminum
YT9304 WHITE 50/35 Aluminum
YT9305 BLUE 50/35 Aluminum
YT9801 RED 50/22 Black
YT9802 GREEN 50/22 Black
YT9803 YELLOW 50/22 Black
YT9804 WHITE 50/22 Black
YT9805 BLUE 50/22 Black
YT9901 RED 50/35 Black
YT9902 GREEN 50/35 Black
YT9903 YELLOW 50/35 Black
YT9904 WHITE 50/35 Black
YT9905 BLUE 50/35 Black