Enco DAD ON AIR Radio Automation Software

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In the fast-paced environment of an on-air studio, speed and accuracy are of the essence. That's why every feature of the presenter interface is designed to be as easy and quick-to-action as possible. Its intuitive layout has virtually no learning curve and is optimized for touchscreen use. Best of all, its modular design allows the talent to customize their workspace to fit their needs and provide instant access to their library, playlists, and more.

Each DAD workstation comes with up to 16 playback modules, multi-channel audio outputs, and enough processing power to run them all simultaneously. Real-time log changes in any studio are instantaneously reflected in all other studios: no need to reload the current hour or day's log. The included PADapult utility can handle live and scheduled RDS and metadata output for each playlist automatically. Whether you're playing out localized playlists in different markets, scheduling separate advertisements on your terrestrial and web streams, or running multiple independent stations, DAD comes shipped with everything needed to make it happen.

Software Suite includes: On-Air, Production, Automation, Voicetracking, Scheduling, Content Ingest, Conversion and Transfer Tools.



DAD provides you with all the tools to make your broadcasts sound better, make running your station easier, and give you unrivaled power and control.

User Friendly and Customizable

Award winning Presenter interface for live assist playout. Fast-paced changes made easily on the fly. Customizable module-based architecture.

Centralized Content & Regional Splits

Share content across multiple stations. Easily break away for local commercials, liners, and jingles, then rejoin seamlessly.

Scalable Design

Whether you need a single workstation or a hundred, a DAD system can be designed to fit you now and into the future.

All-in-One Solution

Manage your content ingestion, scheduling, logging, playout, programming, and more. Take full control or let DAD handle it all.

Performance Oriented Engine

Run up to 16 separate playlists from one workstation simultaneously and instantly search and sort the database.

Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.


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