E-Films Minidrive: Micro SD Memory Card to SD Adapter to SD Adapter

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Minidrive: Micro SD Memory Card to SD Adapter to SD Adapter

The E-films MiniDrive is an adapter for the SD slot on your MacBook Pro, providing an instant, cheap and infinitely expandable storage.OverviewThe E-films MiniDrive uses so little power that you wont even notice it. It works silently & flawlessly without cables or external enclosures.E-films has designed a special half-size SD Memory Card adapter that sits snugly inside the SD slot of any Macbook Pro. The MiniDrive supports all MicroSD memory cards including 64GB and 128GB.When the E-films MiniDrive is inserted into the SD slot on your MacBook Pro, it is immediately recognised as another drive, able to be written to and read from.You don’t need any drivers or software to run it. Insert the MiniDrive and you are up and running.You can use it to hold your expanding iTunes library. When your music collection is too large to be held on your Hard Drive, offload the media to the E-films MiniDrive and immediately release 64GB to 128GB (depending on the size card you have installed). You can also remove videos. They can go onto another MiniDrive and you can choose via iTunes which videos you will upload to your iPad or iPhone.Store whole photo or video projects on the MiniDrive. By purchasing multiple MicroSD memory cards, you can store single projects per card, or multiple projects per card, giving you lots of flexibility for storage and editing.You can use the E-films MiniDrive as a permanently installed Time Machine Drive. Your MacBook Pro will back up to it automatically. You can have that assurance that all of your valuable work is constantly being backed up, without you having to remember a thing.Any MicroSD memory card can be used, of course using brand name memory will give you more peace of mind, than cheaper brands. We support any size of MicroSD.E-films recommends that you use at least Class 10 memory, to provide the throughput you are used to.