Bolin KBD-1010-RNV PTZ Camera Remote Controller

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Ergonomically designed KBD-1010 controller has a direct-access panel interface with full preset store and recall for easy-to-find camera functions, dedicated knobs for PTZ variable speed control and for fine control with auto/manual toggle, illuminated push buttons for camera selection and a three-axis joystick for smooth precise camera movements.

Combining traditional serial control and IP network control, KBD-1010 PTZ camera controller comes equipped with many precision controls for the most demanding camera operation environments. It is an ideal partner for multi-PTZ-camera producer, creating a baseband video and a complete IP streaming solution for a wide range of content production applications, remote studio, education, state-of-the-art broadcast system, video conferencing, house of worship, etc.


Cross Protocol Control-1000

Most Compatible PTZ Camera Controller in One Single System

■ Serial RS232/422/485 control and IP network control.
■ Cross Protocol Mix-control, Visca, Visca-Over-IP, Pelco P/D, Onvif IP.
■ 14 cameras over Visca, total 255 devices including camera and keyboard over one system that has combined traditional serial control system and over IP network.
■ It supports all Bolin PTZ cameras and all PTZ cameras in the market that are controlled using Visca/ VISCAoIP/Pelco/Onvif.
■ Supports any brand of Visca Over IP cameras in one system.



  • Quick Access Control Delicate knobs for Quick Access features include the control of Exposure, Shutter Speed, Iris, Compensation, White Balance, Focus, PT Speed, Zoom Speed.
  • All About PTZ Control
    • Pan, Tilt, Zoom 3-Way simultaneous joystick control
    • Supplementary seesaw lever zoom control
    • Instant variable speed adjustment for Pan/Tilt/Zoom 
    • Trace Memory allows a sequence of camera moves to be stored and recalled whenever required.
    • Instant camera focusing by manually fine tuning and One Push focus.
    • Selectable Assign Keys for one-key quick action.
  • Image Parameter ControlVia Visca protocol, either serial Visca or Visca Over IP, the KBD-1010 has image color and exposure related settings - including black levels, white balance, auto/manual exposure level, iris, gain and shutter speed - can be adjusted directly without using the camera menus.
  • Quick, Simple, Direct IP PTZ Camera Assignment and UseIP control, without using PC, automatically search available IP cameras in the network. Assign IP addresses and IP camera registration easily.
  • Store and Recall Camera PresetsCamera presets with position, zoom and image parameter settings can be stored and recalled instantly via the numeric keypad.
  • Switch Video RouterCamera and Monitor Switching via Video Router. KBD-1010 is compatible with Black Magic SDI video router, to switch cameras and monitors via the router with PTZ camera control switching simultaneously. More supported compatible video routers will be added.
  • All Brands Camera Visca Over IP Control in One SystemVisca Over IP port used with the camera is different from different camera makers, KBD-1010 allows you to use any brand of Visca Over IP cameras in a same system together with no conflicts.
  • Selectable ASSIGN ItemsASSIGN item is selectable, additional functions can be assigned to ASSIGN keys to have One-Key quick action of the camera’s Flicker, Status Display, AE level, SRZ, Tele Convert mode, Trace Memory, ND filter, Picture Profile settings, Rain wiper On/Off, Camera Power etc. Functionalities can be assigned. Available function depends on camera specification.
  • Keyboard and Camera Configuration Data Transferable via SoftwareUse IP software tool to modify and organize controller’s configuration, export/import existing PTZ camera registration data via IP network makes KBD-1010 controller configuration a breeze when you have multiple controllers to work in one system.
  • Use the Controller for Surveillance and Industrial MonitoringWith Pelco P/D and Onvif IP protocol supported, you can use the controller to control security PTZ camera as well if you have additional access to your surveillance system.
  • Power Over Serial Control CableOther than 12VDC power input, PoE(IEEE802.3at) supported for network control application. Even when use serial control, power can be provided over serial control cable to keep the keyboard back panel wire connection clean for moving the controller around.
  • Wide Range Power Voltage Tolerance 6V – 48VIt provides longer distance power run, and it is suitable for vehicle or moving platform use, such as broadcast vehicle, mobile equipment cart, etc.
  • Always Up To DateFirmware upgrade via USB/IP to keep the performance of the controller up to date.




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Item Number SKU Key Spec Note
K102E002 KBD-1010-RNV PTZ Camera Remote Controller Keyboard Body
B104E001 KBD-JB01 Junction Box for Keyboard What's included, X1
L9060002 VCC-P12-2 12VDC 2A, Power Supply Adapter What's included, X1
L7010001 KBD-NC45 RJ45 Control Cable for Keyboard Controller What's included, X1
L7030004 VCC-CCMD8 8-PIN MINI DIN SERIAL RS232 CABLE Accessory, Optional
L7030010 VCC-CC8MDP RS232 8-Pin Mini Din to Phoenix Adapter Accessory, Optional
K2020001 KBD-422232C Keyboard RJ45 to Serial Control Cable Adapter Accessory, Optional
    Thank you Card What's included, X1