Axia iProfiler Automated Program Archiving

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Axia’s popular iProFiler logging software lets you simultaneously capture up to 24 stereo audio channels to time-stamped MP3 audio logs directly from your Axia IP-Audio network — no audio cards required. Included software records, manages and plays back archived audio files. Recording software runs under Windows XP and later; playback software runs under Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98 or Windows XP and later. Record mode can be set for logging, skimming, or combination of both. Logged audio may be auditioned remotely via LAN, WAN, or Internet.



  • Simultaneously captures up to 24 channels of stereo audio.

  • Directly records Axia digital audio streams — no sound card needed.

  • Archived audio can be auditioned remotely via LAN, WAN or the Internet.

  • iProFiler Live Player streams audio over any IP connection as it’s being encoded. Great for consultants or group PDs listening remotely.

  • NTP Time Sync synchronizes log file timestamps with your house NTP server (if equipped).

  • Choose your skimming mode: Logging (continuous archival storage of program material), Skimming (records only when talent mic is open), or SmartSkimming (low-bitrate logging switches to a user- specified higher bitrate for quality captures when talent is on-mic).

  • No “spool-up” time: iProFiler buffers incoming audio so that you never lose a word - no matter how late talent opens the mic. 

  • Recorded audio is time-stamped and stored in easy-to-search 15 minute blocks for fast retrieval.

  • Standard MP3 file format allows logged audio to be played back on any media player application. Play files in iProFiler Archive Player to view detailed time-of-day data and user annotations.

  • Easily select & export audio segments to WAV files for external editing.

  • Choose any standard MP3 bit rate - from 16kbps - 320kbps - for the quality/drive space ratio that best suits your needs.

  • Encoded program segments can also be set to upload automatically to an external drive, network share or FTP site.

  • Remote monitoring application lets you “check up” on iProFiler remotely using a LAN or Internet connection; monitors disk space & audio presence.


In Depth

Multi-channel, Multi-stream audio archiving for Axia Audio networks

Sooner or later, someone’s going to ask for a hard copy of a specific broadcast. Whether it’s a client looking for proof of play, a Group PD that wants airchecks, or a listener claiming your morning show did something naughty, you’ll need a record of your broadcast programming.

Be prepared with Axia iProFiler, the award-winning audio archiving software that integrates with Axia IP-Audio networks to capture up to 24 simultaneous channels of Livewire® Standard-stream stereo audio without sound cards. iProFiler uses the Axia IP-Audio Driver to exchange audio directly with Axia networks; just install iProFiler on a PC, connect the computer’s NIC to the network with CAT-5, select the program streams you want to capture. It’s as simple as that.

iProFiler’s networked connectivity makes it the easiest logger to set up and operate, bar none. Just browse the audio streams available on your Axia network, select the ones you want to record, choose a bit rate for storage and off it goes.

And iProFiler is extremely flexible; you can continuously log program audio, automatically record telescoped talent airchecks, or record only what’s broadcast when the mic isn’t open. And iProFiler has “listen line” capability that lets you hear audio over your network (or the Internet) as it’s being encoded - perfect for group PDs or consultants.

iProFiler’s stored audio is networked, too. Any workstation or computer connected to your IP-Audio network can find and listen to time-stamped audio using a simple web-browser interface.

iProFiler gives you a choice of operating modes for each archived audio stream:

  • Choose “Logging” for continuous archival storage of program material, indefinitely (dependent upon storage space) or on a timed-record basis.

  • Choose “Skimming” to record audio only when talent’s mic is open, to capture live shows, call-in segments, talk shows or DJ bits. Program audio is pre-buffered so that there are no “up-cuts” upon record activation.

  • Choose “SmartSkim” for a unique combination of skimming and logging. When talent mics are closed, ProFiler records audio in a low-bit rate logging mode, then switches to a higher bit rate for quality captures when talent is on-mic. All bit rates are user-selectable.

iProFiler is ideal for stations required by law to log program content, and since you can also listen to “live” audio over IP as it’s being logged, it’s great for Production Directors and morning show producers, program consultants or group PDs. Perfect for competitive monitoring, too — log other stations along with your own to fine-tune your formatics. An integrated audio browser lets your production crew tag segments and export them as WAV files for further editing, and logged shows can be automatically uploaded to FTP servers for storage or distribution.



PC Hardware Minimum Requirements

  • Pentium-IV, 2.4GHz processor or better with 512Mb RAM, 300 Gb free hard drive space, 100BASE-T NIC.


Operating System

  • iProFiler Server: requires Windows XP or later. WAN/Internet connection required for remote monitoring.

  • iProFiler Client: Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.


Operating modes

  • Logging (continuous archival storage of program material)

  • Skimming (records only when talent mic is open)

  • SmartSkimming (low-bitrate logging switches to a user-specified higher bitrate for quality captures when talent is on-mic)

  • Scheduled recording (date and time + length of program)


Audio Interface

  • 100BASE-T or better Ethernet NIC with connection to Axia IP-Audio Network.

  • Supports up to 24 stereo streams simultaneously.


Audio Specifications

  • Storage Format: MP3.

  • Comproession Algorithm: Genuine Fraunhofer IIS

  • Bit Rates Available: 8 kbps to 320 kbps, in standard increments

  • Pre-roll and Post-roll Skim delay: up to 10 seconds, user-definable




2-year warranty covers all Telos Alliance hardware products, including those from Telos System, Omnia Audio, Axia Audio, Linear Acoustic, and 25-Seven Systems, and comes as a part of your purchase along with free industry-leading TelosCareTM technical support. Users can also purchase TelosCare PLUS, a paid service level agreement that offers priority technical support, deep discounts on out-of-warranty repairs, loaners, and on-site setup, plus total peace of mind. Contact your BGS Representative today to find out more about this service.